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Fire fighters were forced to rescue a man after he got stuck 40 feet up a tree - while attempting to reach a parrot.

Cyan the parrot got trapped in the branches and when she refused to come down a heroic man - only named as Keelan - clambered up after her.

But the unlucky rescuer also got trapped high up in the branches in the tree in Stroud, Gloucestershire, and concerned onlookers were forced to call the fire service.

Fire fighters used a cherry picker to rescue the pair during the 40 minute call out yesterday.

A spokesman said for the service said: "We were called to a parrot stuck in a tree at about 5.40pm yesterday.

"The RSCPA attended and then the fire service.

"A man had attempted to climb the tree and got stuck. Both parrot and man were successfully rescued with no injuries, using equipment including a cherry picker to reach them."

Writing on Twitter, another spokesperson added: "Both Cyan the parrot and Keelan the rescuer are back on the ground. Crackers all round."


Source: Western Daily Press